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We get emailed many questions a day, so in order to help you, we’ve assembled the most common questions we get asked below. Click on a questions to receive the answer!

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Orthodontists are only appropriate for the most challenging and complex orthodontic cases?

In actuality, due to their further training, education and expertise, they have more authority and skill to recognize the difference between complex and simple cases – and when the case may prove to be challenging, they are the ones who will know what to do.

My family dentist said he could straighten my teeth?

Orthodontists, unlike dentists, go through extensive formal beyond what your everyday dentists participates in, in order to specialize in straightening teeth. Like your dentist, an orthodontist will graduate from dental school. However, in order to become an orthodontist, it takes an additional two or three academic years of education from a recognized orthodontic program. This is where an orthodontist learns to specialize in straightening teeth and how to align jaws in order to optimize performance and function.

Furthermore, an orthodontist only practices orthodontics, and therefore treats hundreds of patients a year in their specific field – as opposed to the average dentist who will perform significantly fewer operations.

If the adage “practice makes perfect” seems cliche, it certainly holds true in this context – who would you rather perform surgery on you?

Additionally, an orthodontist has a full knowledge of all the orthodontic tools and devices, and therefore know what to use and when because they interact with them daily.

Braces are for kids?

1/5 orthodontic patients are adults

Orthodontists cost more than standard dentists?

This may well be true of some orthodontists, however fees vary from practice to practice – each orthodontist sets his/her own fee schedule.

If there was a giant, powerful magnet and someone flipped a switch, people wearing braces would have their teeth ripped out?

This would be unlikely since most braces are made out of non-magnetic materials

Braces are painful and take 2 or more years to achieve the desired result?

Although they may be uncomfortable at first, after a period of adjustment they become comfortable. Additionally some may be worn for months – not years.

Braces are ugly and would be embarrassing in businesss settings?

Today’s braces can be nearly invisible and sit on the rear of your teeth or clear plastic.

Any dentist may join the association of orthodontists?

Actually, only orthodontists can join the orthodontic association for a given country